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April 16, 2014

Smartphones Make Us Stress More

True, the latest smartphone that can do it all should, potentially, make our lives easier. Only they can actually boost our stress levels too, according to recent British research. By relying on our phones to do everything for us, they also appear to foster a “relentless need,” so we end up constantly checking them or responding to various emails, texts, social media updates, you name it. It appears this dependence makes us anxious and stressed out.
Try: Out of sight, out of mind. Leave your phone in the other room at night or stuck in your pocket (not on the table) when you’re out with friends.

April 15, 2014

Dont' forget

Public Announcement – Town of Schodack

Town Center Plan for Route 9/20

Meeting Moved!

April 13, 2014

Schodack Central School District may devote entire building to business incubator

Apr 8, 2014, 7:07am EDT UPDATED: Apr 8, 2014, 9:32am EDT 

The business incubator at Schodack Central School District has been so successful in its first year that superintendent Robert Horan wants to open an entire building to startup companies.

The district has proposed relocating middle school students in response to declining enrollments, leaving an entire building open to business and community.

A district capital project would relocate middle school students in the Rensselaer County district. Since 2009-10, enrollment has declined by 145 students and projections indicate all students could be housed in the elementary and high school. Moving middle school students into the elementary and high school building would leave the middle school open for business and community space.


April 12, 2014

Hoffman's Playland opens up for the season

Updated: Saturday, April 12 2014, 02:38 PM EDT 
LATHAM -- It was sunny skies and a busy turn out for opening day at Hoffman's Playland. Owners say they're relieved after the harsh winter weather, especially since this could be their last season." "So we'll be operating through this season and we'll have to wait and see," says owner David Hoffman.  "I don't want it made into condos or whatever, it's just so special," says Debbie Birnbaum of Loudonville, who was at the park with her daughter Saturday. Families from all around the Capital Region came out to enjoy what could be their last memory at Hoffman's. Generations have come to the Playland, which owner David Hoffman worked tirelessly to open for the season. "March was extremely difficult for us the weather was brutal and we weren't able to get out here in the park and put together the rides as early as we'd like to so the past 10 days have been very stressful," he says.

Hans Christian Anderson, not so Walt Disney

A few hours ago it was confirmed that Emma Watson was chosen to play the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. But that's not all! Prince Eric will be played by Daniel Radcliffe!
This new production of Disney's animated classic is planned for release in 2015 and will be a live action telling filmed digitally in 3D.

Don't look for "Happily Ever After" here.

The Little Mermaid, the classic fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, will be made into a live-action movie by Universal Studios. To the excitement of many of her fans, Sofia Coppola has been chosen to direct the film. Directing the classic fairy tale will be a complete change from the genre that made her popular.

Coppola is known for her adult-themed films that tackle topics on adultery, romance, parenthood and death. Caroline Thompson, who will write the script, has started working with Kelly Marcel and Abi Morgan on their previous drafts. With four brilliant female filmmakers in charge of handling The Little Mermaid, it is expected that the movie will present something exciting and novel. The movie's plot is still being kept a secret, although we can expect that it will center on the romance between a mermaid and a human being.