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The Schodack SCENE is a locally-operated site, focused on happenings in and around the Town of Schodack and the Village of Castleton.  
Launched in November 2011, the Schodack SCENE has had more than 375,000 page views, with an average of 8,000 views per month.  Last month 11,330 visited!

Visitors from all over the Capital Region view local news and events happening in our area. 

Visitors to the Schodack SCENE could very well be your next customers.

As a business owner, you are interested in reaching more people with your advertising message. The Schodack SCENE was designed to be a geographically focused site. If you'd like to catch the attention of visitors in and around town, consider placing an ad on the top left corner. Your ad will be on every page.

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