November 2, 2010

Open Sky Save 30% off your first purchase - Shop at the SCENE!

Shop online by clicking the Open Sky link.  Use the savings code - thescene30pct -  to save 30% off any order!

Open Sky is such a brilliant idea! I'm very excited to be able to offer an array of unique products. Let me do the shopping for you!  I've researched the offerings and picked some great products I think you'll really like. Take a look at the variety I assembled for my followers, friends and family.
There's plenty more ... stay tuned!

Items currently available on the  SCENE will make great gifts. With the holiday shopping season upon us (Christmas decorations are already out at department stores), shopping at Open Sky is quick and convenient.  Better yet, Open Sky offers a no-nonsense return policy. Open Sky accepts returns for 1 full year. That’s 365 days after purchase date, at no cost to you.

Check the SCENE often for more great unique and affordable products.  

Keep watching the "F" word for more tips and stories about the Epidemic of Thrift.

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