March 14, 2011

Bus Accident CES Field Trip

Update on School Bus Accident
All Students Released from Hospital After Precautionary Checks

Several elementary school students from Schodack were taken to Albany Medical Center to be evaluated Monday after an accident between two buses during a field trip to Albany. 

According to Schodack Superintendent Bob Horan, three buses were taking the students to see "Aesop's Fables" at the Palace Theatre when one bus "tapped" the back end of another bus.

The bus continued on to the Palace, but police said when they got to there, some kids complained about being in pain. Paramedics said there were no major injuries, but 12 students were taken to Albany Medical Center to be evaluated. Neither bus was damaged.

The school nurse, the principal, and the head of transportation for the school district all responded to the scene.

An update from Schodack - 
 We want to update our community about a bus accident that occurred this morning, Monday, March 14. 

Three district school buses were transporting kindergarten and second grade students to the Palace Theatre in Albany for a field trip when one of the buses, traveling at a slow rate of speed, tapped the back of another bus while it was stopped. 

As a precautionary measure to ensure our students were okay, 12 students were taken to Albany Medical Center. All students have now been released from the hospital with only minor injuries. Parents of students who were taken to Albany Medical Center were contacted by school personnel. All other students were taken back to school and dismissed at the end of the day. 

Parents of students who returned to school were also contacted. We apologize for any delay in reaching parents but our first priority was making sure we got a hold of parents of students who were taken to the hospital. A letter was sent home to parents today. If parents have any questions, please contact Castleton Elementary School at 732-7755. Posted on Schodack website 3/14/11. 3:30 p.m.

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