February 1, 2012

Hannaford Settles Tax Certiorari Lawsuit with Town

The agreement, approved by the town in December, will settle the tax certiorari case which dates back to the 2008-09 tax year. As a result of the lowered assessment, Schodack Central School District will have to pay $190,547 in back taxes. 
 However, due to the $10.4 million reduction in Hannaford’s assessed value, property taxes for the town and school district going forward will fall more heavily on homeowners in future years.
“We anticipated this case would be resolved at some point so we put money in our tax certiorari reserve fund to cover the back taxes,” said Monica Kim, Director of Business and Support Services for Schodack CSD. “No money from our general fund will have to pay for this settlement.”


  1. Thanks for you support, Hannaford. I need to learn where items are at Price Chopper, as I will not be spending one red cent in one of your stores ever again. Feed your fat lawyers at your own expense, not at the expense of our children's education.

  2. Price Chopper is so much better anyway! Why doesn't everyone STOP Shopping at Hannaford...yea, a Schodack Boycott!


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