April 15, 2012

The Maple Hill Lacrosse team recently spent their practice time practicing giving back. 

Painting the Castleton Volunteer Ambulance garage is just a start.
"We want to give back to the community," said Lacrosse Coach Kyle  Randall. "The Maple Hill Community did so much for the boys to get this team started.

We're trying to help the school by doing community service for the athletic teams. Just trying to do our part."

Coach Randal explained that this is the team's first year at the varsity level. The team played JV last year.
The Maple Hill Youth Lacrosse Foundation pays to keep the team competing. Through different fund raising events the team works hard to support the team. 
"Next Sunday, we are holding a pancake breakfast here at the Castleton Ambulance." The community is invited to come out for breakfast where the team members will serve as wait staff.
"There has been a lot of effort by a lot of people just to get the team started. It's just a lot of fun.  They're out there competing for Maple Hill High School and having a great time.

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