May 29, 2012

Bathroom threat not credible-no risk to student

MHHS Calls Shelter-in-Place; No Safety Risk to Students

The district would like to inform parents that Maple Hill High School called a shelter-in-place this afternoon after a potentially threatening message was found on a bathroom wall. As part of standard precautions, students and district employees locked themselves in their rooms as a search of the building was conducted. The message was found not to be credible and there was no risk to students. Students were dismissed at their regular time. The district would like to thank the Schodack Police Department for their assistance.
Superintendent Robert Horan asks parents to please consider talking with their students about the seriousness of writing such messages as school districts often see an increase in them towards the end of the school year. Because the safety of our students is the district’s foremost priority, the district takes any such incidents seriously and will pursue criminal charges against any individual found to make false threatening statements.

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