June 3, 2012

Richard Dawson, Former 'Family Feud' Host, Dies

Richard Dawson, the legendary host of "Family Feud," has died from complications due to esophageal cancer ...this according to his son.
"It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my father passed away this evening from complications due to esophageal cancer.
He was surrounded by his family. He was an amazing talent, a loving husband, a great dad, and a doting grandfather. He will be missed but always remembered..."

LOS ANGELES — Richard Dawson, the wisecracking British entertainer who was among the schemers in the 1960s sitcom "Hogan's Heroes" and a decade later began kissing thousands of female contestants as host of the game show "Family Feud" has died. He was 79.  

Comedian Richard Dawson was introduced to American audiences as Corporal Newkirk in the World War II sitcom Hogan's Heroes. He later hosted one of TV’s most popular game shows, Family Feud. Known as much for his wisecracking sense of humor as his penchant for kissing the female contestants, Dawson carried the show through to its cancellation in 1985 and helped the show win an Emmy Award in 1977. 

Richard Dawson, redefining what it is to be an '80s action movie villain.

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