June 27, 2012

Roll over accident on Old Post Road

Caitlyn Main was first on the scene for a rollover on Old Post. 
Her mother Kelly asked her if she needed me to come until the ambulance gets there, her response "I got this. This is all in the training."

Caitlyn Main was at home on Maple Hill Road when around 8:00 p.m. she heard a loud bang from the area close to her friend's house and thought immediately that something must be wrong.  Trained as a fire fighter Castleton, Caitlyn is no stranger to emergencies.

Springing into action she took off running toward Old Post Road but when she saw a large cloud of dirt, she realized it was not her friend's house. She grabbed a bike from the yard and took off in the direction of the cloud. 

First of the scene of a rollover accident, Caitlyn saw Alec Flood walking down the road, "all beat up and certainly in shock. I could see it right away," she said.  "He was shaking and disoriented."
As she walked further she saw the car on its roof. After assessing the scene, Caitlyn realized that there was another person lying  on the ground between the car and a nearby fence. Sean Smith had been the passenger in the car and was dazed and obviously disoriented.  "He was in shock and every time he was asked a question, he would just smile as if everything was ok," she said.  "It was weird."  

The extent of the injuries were not determined at the time.  "Both boys were conscious and Alec was walking, but it was obvious that he was in a state of shock," she said.  Sean, she thinks may have hit his head and didn't seem to be fully aware of what was happening or able to move very well.

Although trained as a fire fighter, Caitlyn had never been alone at an accident scene.  She quickly asked a neighbor for some ice and stayed with the boys until the Castleton Ambulance arrived and took over.  

"I stayed to see if there was anything I could do, to be just another set of hands if needed, until the scene was cleared and the boys were taken to Albany Medical Center." 

Caitlyn is a graduate of Maple Hill High School and in March of last year, completed 86 hours of training provided by the NYS office of fire prevention and control. She currently runs with the Castleton Fire Company.


  1. Great Job Cait Main way to step up and put your training to use.you did your company proud.

    Matt Metzger

  2. Cait.....Your Fire Co. is proud of you, Obviously your Parents are proud of you, Now the People of the Town can be proud of you.....Adds up to Excellent
    John Metzger

  3. Great Job!!! Now your training paid off!!! That is why we have training.
    Ed Secovnie


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