March 14, 2014

What is going on with 9&20?

News from Keith A. Langley, Supervisor

 Town of East Greenbush

One of the most frequently asked questions to be asked in my office is “what is going on with 9&20?”For the past two years we have seen some businesses come to 9 & 20, more so over the last year, but I am most excited to announce two big projects that will be happening this spring!
For years we had KFC and Taco Bell located at the corner of the Hannaford parking lot.  Soon, we will have a Starbucks in that location.  Starbucks will be renovating the approximately 2,800 square foot location, and has proposed adding a 250 square foot deck for outdoor seating.  It will be nice to see this location being utilized and people enjoying the benefits of a Starbuck’s in the heart of East Greenbush.
The Price Chopper plaza is one of the bigger plazas in East Greenbush, and the biggest along 9 & 20.  Since the relocation of Planet Fitness, a large portion of the plaza has sat vacant.  I am proud to announce that Peebles will be occupying 22,000 square feet of space in the plaza.  Peebles will modify the old Planet Fitness store front as well as part of the old Fashion Bug store front.  Peebles is a department store chain that is newer to our area.  Most recently they have opened a store on Hoosick Street in Troy.  To take a look at what to expect, visit their website,
Both companies have strong business models that display commitment to the communities in which they are based.  As someone who has lived in East Greenbush my entire life, I believe that it is important that businesses that here, support the community in which they are based in some way.   I look forward to both of these businesses joining our community and hope that people like them as well!
Just off Routes 9 & 20 we are also experiencing more growth. We are also happy to announce the addition to the addition of Regeneron Building 85.  Regeneron is adding an additional 5,000 square feet to the addition previously approved We look forward to seeing the progress and the finished building.
We hope over the next few months that we will have more information to bring you regarding the growth of the area.  Until then, if you have any questions, my door is always open.
Best Regards.

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