April 12, 2014

Hoffman's Playland opens up for the season

Updated: Saturday, April 12 2014, 02:38 PM EDT 
LATHAM -- It was sunny skies and a busy turn out for opening day at Hoffman's Playland. Owners say they're relieved after the harsh winter weather, especially since this could be their last season." "So we'll be operating through this season and we'll have to wait and see," says owner David Hoffman.  "I don't want it made into condos or whatever, it's just so special," says Debbie Birnbaum of Loudonville, who was at the park with her daughter Saturday. Families from all around the Capital Region came out to enjoy what could be their last memory at Hoffman's. Generations have come to the Playland, which owner David Hoffman worked tirelessly to open for the season. "March was extremely difficult for us the weather was brutal and we weren't able to get out here in the park and put together the rides as early as we'd like to so the past 10 days have been very stressful," he says.

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