June 17, 2014

Women rescue fawn from Columbia County farm

Posted: Jun 17, 2014 8:00 PM EDT

The fawn after it was rescued. (Little Brook Farm)The fawn after it was rescued. (Little Brook Farm)

Only the fawn's leg could be seen from the surface. (Little Brook Farm)Only the fawn's leg could be seen from the surface. (Little Brook Farm)
OLD CHATHAM, N.Y. – Four women at Little Brook Farm performed an unexpected rescue Tuesday.
Owner Lynn Cross said several people were performing chores on the farm when she received a call around 3 p.m. Tuesday from worker Brianna Laraway. Laraway said she heard what sounded like a baby crying and saw a tiny nose stuck in a hole.
Cross was preparing to feed horses when she, Katelyn Storey and Erika Gentile went to find Laraway. All four women found a baby deer trapped about three feet below the surface in a woodchuck hole. Cross said they could see the deer’s leg, but the hole was too small to pull the deer above ground.
The women began to dig the deer out by hand. Cross said dirt would fall into the hole as they worked, but they were able to enlarge the hole enough to gain access.
After the deer was lifted out of the hole, Storey retrieved water to wipe the dirt from its eyes and mouth.
The deer is now with wildlife rehabilitators.
Little Brook Farm is an animal rescue and provides sanctuary to 60 horses, 70 cats and other animals. The farm is comprised of 143 acres, and it does not receive government funding, according to the website.
The farm’s website states the organization provides educational, vocational and therapeutic programs at the farm’s facility as well as over 80 schools, agencies and organizations.

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