December 30, 2014

Cuomo Vetoes Teacher Evaluation Bill

The veto was announced in a batch of bill approvals and additional vetoes - See more...

Updated: Tuesday, December 30 2014, 08:32 PM EST 
ALBANY -- Governor Cuomo has veteoed a bill that would have kept teachers from losing their jobs based on their students' test scores. Those who supported the measure are shocked because the bill was something that Cuomo himself had proposed. "It just means we're back to the starting block in some ways," Assemblywoman Pat Fahy said. "My concern in all of this is it's taken quite some time to get to this agreement." The agreement would have altered the state's teacher evaluation system by barring the use of Common Core test scores when determining a teacher's future in the classroom. One former teacher tells CBS6 she agrees with the decision not to let the bill pass. 
"It should count. It's important. It is important, if the students aren't performing then we need to look at why and if it's the teacher or the teacher style or lack there of us then we should be doing something about that," Samati Simmons said.
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