February 10, 2015

Between a rock and a tractor trailor!


Man jumps of bridge to avoid traffic!
ALBANY -- Police activity shut down the westbound lanes of I-90 on the Patroon Island Bridge after a man jumped off the bridge to avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic. Officials say the man's car slid into the guardrail on the bridge. When he got out of the vehicle to make his way to the rear of the car, he apparently realized he would be pinned by oncoming traffic, and jumped over the side of the bridge in an attempt to escape. Albany Fire Chief Warren Abriel says witnesses working on the bridge saw the man jump and land on a snow bank more than 50 feet below. They say despite the fall, the man was able to walk up the side of the hill and back onto the bridge, where he was then struck by a tractor trailer going about 25 miles per hour. According to authorities, the man was taken to Albany Medical Center with broken bones in his arms, road rash and lacerations. His condition is unknown at this time.



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