February 22, 2015

In wake of 5-year-old's death, raise concerns about effectiveness of official supervision

Judge Gerard Maney
  Albany Co Family Court
 (Will Waldron / Times Union)
In the months leading up to his death, 5-year-old Kenneth White slept in a La-Z-Boy recliner wedged into a small bedroom in a cluttered trailer he shared with a half-dozen people, 10 cats and five dogs.

He isn't the only Capital Region child to die while under the supervision of child protective services. In one case, an infant was tortured for weeks, his bones broken, his anus torn. Another infant was born with drugs in its system, but was still sent home with a drug-addicted mother.

The reports don't cover all child deaths in the area. [Many] were limited to the reports the state decided, without detailed explanation, to make public. 

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