April 8, 2015

Rte 9 Sports-Plex

Could it be? A new business in Schodack? Fingers crossed.

Grading operations under that permit are approximately 75% complete.  This project is in a PD3 zone and is an allowable use as a Health/Recreation facility.

The project received a State Development permit in December 2012 after a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan was approved and a NYSDEC Stormwater SPDES permit issued. 

The project requires Site Plan approval and a Special Permit under the Town’s Water Quality Control Act since it lies in the Direct Recharge Area of the Schodack Terrace Aquifer.

Puccio moved, LaVoie seconded APPROVAL to continue with the site development permit. 7 Ayes. 0 Noes. Motion carried. Ayes: Aubin, D’Angelo, Johnson, LaVoie, Mayrer, Puccio, Shaughnessy Oppose: None 

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