May 18, 2015

Presidant to ban Military-Style Equipment

"President Obama on Monday will ban the federal provision of some types of military-style equipment to local police departments and sharply restrict the availability of others, administration officials said, as he intensifies his push to ease tensions between law enforcement and minority communities in reaction to the crises in Baltimore; Ferguson, Mo.; and other cities." [NYT]
“I don’t think there’s a lot of trust,” Chuck Canterbury, the national president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said in an interview.

Police officers in military-style equipment in Ferguson, Mo., last year. On Monday, President Obama banned the use of some military equipment by local police departments.Credit
Whitney Curtis for The New York Times 

The president, who spent his childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii and attended elite schools, had a far different experience in his own youth, but he has talked about having felt racially profiled by the police as a young man.

But as the presidential limousine passed through street after street of decrepit buildings, stopping at a community center so he could talk to young black men and police officers, Mr. Obama confronted a set of problems that have helped define his own complicated relationship with the police.

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