June 16, 2015

Why so mysterious?

Town officials are quiet on a mysterious warehouse project proposed for the corner of routes 9 & 20 and 150. Suspiciously quiet.
Site of a proposed warehouse, known as "Project Red," off Route 150 in Schodack on June 1, 2015. (Bob Gardinier/Times Union)
"There is not much that we really know right now," Dowds said. "They were here with representatives from the county and said they really want a confidentiality clause at this time and we agreed."
Perhaps the reason for secrecy is the neighbors past resistance to commercial business on a large scale. The site is considered prime for commercial development but there is great opposition that business would be a disruptive presence that would harm the rural town's character.

2001 a proposal to mine gravel from the southwest corner of the intersection on 9 & 20 and Rt. 150 failed

In 2012, Dollar Tree proposed a 1-million-square-foot distribution center with pressure from residents on Julianne Drive and Richwood Drive.  Dollar Tree backed out.

Project Red has already come under fire from residents of the nearby neighborhoods.

The cloak and dagger approach isn't making the project very transparent.
That's never a good thing.


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