August 16, 2015

Update on Project Red


Update on Project Red
No new clues and same old concerns. Plenty of questions of "Who are they?"

Reader's Comment:

Through new technology a method of drilling and fracking proved to extract natural gas and many thought this was good. There were those who felt it was like opening Pandora's box. The NY Governor declared this drilling should not be done in NY and the doubters rested in peace.

Little did they know that discovery of this new energy could cause great harm to the people of NY and other states who resided between the drilling wells and the East coast. This newly discovered energy has become so abundant that there is more than enough for United States consumption. Therefore a plan was conceived to ship it overseas and once again Pandora's box was opened a bit further. Drilling was just a little peek in the box and it appears little to no harm was done. Now with so much natural gas at least a 30 inch pipeline to the east coast is proposed with over 1,400 pounds pressure. Wow! Somebody opened the box a bit further and the once secured residents who live near the proposed pipeline began to realize the problems escaping from the box could affect them. Inquiries were made and the box opened further which proved to be more concern for their safety and well being. A large pumping station would be needed which would house 4 large diesel engines running continuously and it is said they will be heard for about 2 miles.

There is no question a danger to the residents near this vast pipeline will exist and their property values will decrease. The companies who are drilling and pumping such abundance of energy and who opened Pandora's box need to correct the situation they will cause. They could put it back in the box and produce only what is needed in North America which would be transferred by smaller pipelines such as what already exist. I know millions of dollars will not be added to their pockets but the gas has been waiting for centuries and why not use only what we need? This way there may be some available for our generations to come. This my friends is called being conservative.

Ray Lemka Schodack resident

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