September 24, 2015

Planning Board Approval has residents seeing Red!

Project Red revealed 

Project Red," the mysterious and controversial enterprise planned for land on routes 9 and 20, is a secret no more. 

McLane Foodservices officials met with the town Planning Board on Monday to publicly reveal plans for a grocery distribution center near the intersection with Route 150.

Word that a company wanted to build on the land has triggered anger in the surrounding community. Opponents were at Monday's meeting to decry the Planning Board's approval of the project.

The plan has drawn fire from residents of the neighborhoods of Julianne Drive and Richwood Drive who organized against two previous plans to develop the land.

In 2012 Birchwood Neighborhood Association opposed the Dollar tree it, saying the center would be a disruptive presence and inappropriately affect the rural town's character. Law suits were threatened. Dollar Tree backed out.
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