November 2, 2015

Election Day November 3, 2015

Vote! There are a number of seats to be filled in Schodack!

• Schodack Town Supervisor Currently held by:
Dennis Dowds elected in November, 2009 - Running unopposed
• Schodack Town Clerk Currently held by:
Donna Conlin - Running unopposed
• Schodack Town Justice Currently held by:
Paul W. Peter was appointed Town Justice in 1992
Also running for Town Justice: Jennifer Sober
• Schodack Town Council (2 positions - 4 year terms) currently held by:
Frank Curtis won election in November 2005
Michael Kenney was elected to the Schodack Town Board in 2010 following his appointment earlier in the year.
Also running for Town Board: Trady Rex and Linda Underwood
• Schodack Receiver of Taxes Katherine E. Lubbers- Running unopposed.

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