November 27, 2015

Safe Haven - no questions asked

Safe Haven programs protect newborns, parents

Early Friday morning, police found the body of a male newborn in a garbage bag inside a dumpster behind a Bells Pond XtraMart in Livingston.

Following the discovery of a newborn’s body in a Columbia County dumpster, officials want to emphasize the Safe Haven program.

Safe Haven is available across the United States. If a parent is unwilling or unable to care for an infant, he or she can give it up to a Safe Haven program without any questions asked

Follow up: 

Mother charged with murder of her baby

LIVINGSTON—State Police in coordination with the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office, arrested Tara J. Tomlin, 20, of Livingston for second degree murder, a class A-1 felony, November 28.
Ms. Tomlin allegedly placed her newborn baby boy in a plastic garbage bag in the dumpster behind the Bells Pond Xtra Mart in the early morning hours of November 27.
48 15news Tara Tomlin
Tara Tomlin

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