January 20, 2016

Stop the pipeline

To Register:
Go to FERC’s website — www.ferc.gov
  • In the drop down menu of the tab Documents & Filing,
  • Click on e-Register.
  • Follow the directions and fill out the form.
  • This will give you a FERC I.D. and password (you will need to do this even if you have an e-Filing account).
  • FERC Online will then send you an email confirming your registration.
  • Go to your email program’s Inbox and open the message from FERC Online. Click on the link to validate your account.
  • Once you are a registered FERC Online User, log in to FERC Online by entering your registered email address/FERC I.D. and your password. 
Once you are registered... to intervene...
1. Go to FERC's website: www.ferc.gov
2. Move your mouse over Documents and Filings and select eFiling
3, Click the orange button that says, "Login FERC online account Click here to proceed"
4. Choose Log In from the left hand column
         a. Enter the email and password you registered with
5. Choose e-Filing from the left hand column
6. At the Filing Type screen
        a. choose General in the first column under How is your filing to be directed? 
          b. then choose Intervention in the second column under What kind of filing are you making?
          c. then choose (doc-less) Motion to Intervene in the third column underFile Type if you want to cut and paste your intervention comments in or you want to compose on line, or
          d. Choose Motion to Intervene if you want to upload a document that you have already created with your intervention comments
          d. click Next
7. In the “Enter Docket Number:” box
          a. Enter CP16-21 and click Search
          b. When a listing for “Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (Northeast Energy Direct Project)” appears, click on the blue plus sign in the right column under Select
          c. Click the Next button
8. At the Document-less Intervention Description screen
          a. Type in your reasons (you can use the samples above or your own) into the box. Include your name and address. State your opposition to the project.
          b. Click the Next button
9. Click As an Individual, then click Next
10. In the “Contact Email:” box
          a. Enter your email address
          b. Click Add as a Signer
          c. Click the Next button
11. At the Submission Description screen, click Next
12. At the Summary screen, click Submit
13. At the confirmation screen you are done! FERC will send you emails first confirming and then accepting your filing.

Once you receive the acceptance email you should forward it to Kinder Morgan at:

Jacquelyne_Rocan@kindermorgan.com, curt_moffatt@kindermorgan.com,


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