February 12, 2016

NED Compressor Station may be relocated in Schodack

Hopefully, by now you have learned that the NED Compressor Station may be relocated in Schodack rather than Nassau as previously announced.
Maple Hill HS  being 1.6 miles from this location.
The Nassau location is a terrible spot for the NED Compressor Station and must be opposed, but so are the proposed locations in Schodack including the Rte. 9 (near Shufelt & Maple Hill Rd.) location and the 3 possible East Schodack locations between County Rte. 7 and Burden Lake Road. We need to oppose all the locations in Nassau and Schodack. All of them will hurt families and diminish property values and create health concerns.

The Town Boards and the Supervisors of our towns need to vigorously champion our towns in opposing the pipeline and its Compressor Station. We need to engage with town officials and encourage them to be our champions on an everyday basis in opposition to the NED.

In this regard the Schodack Town Board will pass a second resolution this evening. We need encourage them and tell them that we need more than just resolutions. We need them to fight for us in all possible ways to beat back the pipeline and its compressor station.

Below is the Dan Spilman letter from the January 28th Advertiser and below that letter is the draft text for : Compressor Station Roulette

With the Town of Nassau enforcing their zoning laws by not allowing a residential/agricultural zoned area changed to an industrial site, and the continued opposition from the folks around the proposed Chapel Hill Road site and Burden Lake, Kinder Morgan is considering alternative sites for the compressor station to be built in Rensselaer County. These compressor stations are massive industrial facilities that need to be spaced along the route of gas pipelines to keep the gas moving. If this proposed station is moved too far from the original design, then other stations along the pipe route may also need to be relocated.

Large parcels in Schodack along the pipeline route are on Kinder Morgan’s radar for the compressor station, including the Ken Morris Excavating property on Route 9 at Shufelt Road. Health Studies are being released regularly about the immediate health impacts living within a mile of compressor stations, and long term health impacts from living within many miles of these facilities. With four different schools within 3.5 miles of this route 9 location, everyone with kids in the Schodack Schools, Green Meadow or DPS should now pay close attention, especially those parents that would have kids training for outdoor sports at Maple Hill HS in decades ahead, with the school being 1.6 miles from this location.

After educating yourself by reading these health impact studies, you should go sit outside the Malden Bridge compressor station on Route 66 in northern Columbia County for about 30 minutes to witness this operation. As you are attempting to get that taste out of your mouth over the next day, just remember that the compressor station proposed for Rensselaer County is four times larger than Malden Bridge, with an option to double capacity in the future.

Dan Spilman
Schodack, NY

2016-083)          WHEREAS, the Schodack Town Board has endeavored to protect the health, safety and quality of life of those who live and work in Schodack, along with protecting the economic viability of our community and property rights; and

WHEREAS, Kinder Morgan has proposed the development of a large natural gas pipeline, known as Northeast Energy Direct, which would be routed through significant areas of the Northeast including, the Town of Schodack; and

WHEREAS, based on a review of the potential impacts of the pipeline in Schodack, including expected damage to the environment, property values, health and safety, and ongoing and future economic development efforts, this Town Board has stated opposition to the proposed Kinder Morgan, or Northeast Energy Direct, pipeline project; and

WHEREAS, the Town Board has also opposed the proposed Kinder Morgan-N.E.D. pipeline because of potential impacts to the value of property in town, recreational use and enjoyment of affected properties and potential difficulties for local emergency services and other local municipal services; and

WHEREAS, the Town Board has also stated opposition to the location of a compressor station for the pipeline project in town because of potential impacts to health, safety, quality of life and property values; and

WHEREAS, this Town Board restates opposition to a possible compressor station in Schodack in recognition of the fact that Kinder Morgan has yet to answer basic and needed questions regarding the health and safety of residents, possible impacts to property values, and damage to the environment and natural resources in town; and

WHEREAS, there has been increased speculation in recent weeks that a compressor station could be located in Schodack, and additional concerns regarding impacts to emergency services and local services have also yet to be addressed by Kinder Morgan; and  

WHEREAS, this Town Board also recognizes the significant opposition to the proposed pipeline and compressor station project in Schodack and surrounding communities; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Schodack has also filed a request to be granted intervener status in the upcoming review of the proposed Kinder Morgan, Northeast Energy Direct pipeline project;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Schodack Town Board does hereby restate opposition to the location of a proposed compressor station in Schodack, along with noting the lack of answers from Kinder Morgan regarding the proposed pipeline and compressor station; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town Clerk is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this resolution to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, U. S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S. Congressmen Chris Gibson, U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko, Governor Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Kathy Marchione, and State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin

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