March 24, 2016

Public Notice


  1. Teri Mayor attended a meeting last night on the Fracked Gas Pipeline and Compressor Stations proposed for Schodack and Nassau. "What an eye opener! The pipeline is proposed to go along the power lines (right behind my house. The gas is under extremely high pressure and the potential for leaks is not good - because we're rural they use a lower grade of pipe.
    They are also planning on installing a compressor station with 14 of the potential sites right in this same area -- one possible site is on the end of Burden Lake, another is near Boyce Road, another is behind Bud's Florist on Route 9. These compressor stations are loud and noisy! They have turbines that run at 110 decibels (sustained exposure to 90 decibels can cause hearing loss) Then there's the potential for leaks, planned releases of the gas, and possibility of explosive fires. I also found out that oil and gas companies are exempt from the Clean Water and Clean Air acts! There's a lot not to like about this. Please visit: Stop NY for more info and find out what you can do to help try to fight this."

  2. There were over 500 people. This was the first time many had heard about this and many took signs for their lawn and most signed the petition. Some stayed after to ask questions and discuss strategy to oppose the pipeline.
    ~Ruth Foster


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