June 13, 2016

News Release

Thirty New York Community and Environmental Groups Form United Front to
Demand that Albany Halt the Harm from Fracked Oil and Gas Development

CONTACT: Pramilla Malick: (646) 498-1742/ Ruth Foster: (518) 588-0187
WHO: United Against Fossil Fuels
WHAT: Halt The Harm Press Conference
WHERE: NYS Capitol, Million Dollar Staircase, 3rd Floor
WHEN: Tuesday, June 14th at Noon

A newly united coalition of frontline communities, grassroots groups, environmental
organizations, and concerned citizens will gather to speak out against the harmful
impacts of fracked oil and gas development on New York’s residents and natural
resources, as well as the state's policies which enable that harm. Assemblyman Frank
Skartados (D-Milton) will speak about the importance of the “Pilgrim Pipeline Bill” he
sponsored (A10468/S07979), and prominent actor and activist, James Cromwell, will
also speak. Working together under the banner United Against Fossil Fuels (UAFF), the
coalition demands a statewide halt to fossil fuel development which severely impacts
community and public health and speeds climate change. Specifically, we demand an
immediate halt to construction of the Spectra AIM Pipeline and the CPV Valley Gasfired
Power Plant, and the rejection of permits for dozens of other projects like
Crestwood Gas Storage, the Dominion New Market Pipeline, and the Pilgrim Oil
Pipelines. United in our mission, the coalition intends to build upon the momentum of
the powerful anti-fracking movement until all of New York is free from the devastating
impacts of fossil fuels.

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