November 12, 2016

Reports of Shots Fired at Crossgates Mall

November 12, 2016 04:23 PM
A police source close to the investigation tells NewsChannel 13 that multiple shots were fired Saturday afternoon at Crossgates mall near the Apple Store.

It is not known at this point if anyone was hit. A police officer witnessed the gunfire when the shots rang out around 2:25 p.m.

Police say they have detained two people are still looking for more suspects.
There are reports of evacuations and lock downs. Employees and customers were hiding in stores and bathrooms.
Multiple Sources

There were reports of gun shots at a mall in suburban Albany on Saturday afternoon, according to police.
The Guilderland police department said they responded to reports of gunfire just before 3 p.m. It's unclear if anyone has been hurt.
Two men have been detained following shooting reports, according to sources cited by News 13.
Shoppers went on social media to frantically report they heard bullets flying and saw stampedes of people running through the shopping center.

Police arrive at the Crossgates Mall responding to reports of gunfire  Nov. 12Photo: AP
Gunfire erupted at the Crossgates Mall in Albany on Saturday afternoon, according to local news reports.
Thirteen shots were fired near the Apple store of the shopping center and two people were taken into custody, law enforcement sources told WNYT.
There was no immediate word of injuries.

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