May 12, 2012


Budget Power Point Presentation
Proposed Budget pdf.  59 pages


  1. How do you budget $103,000 in salary for each principal ($7,000 or about 7%) raises. explanation is that is what is budgeted but their contract need to be settled. Does a district of 1000 students need four administrators making in excess of $100,000 while we cut modified sports and academic programs!!! Vote no and in exit poll state administrator salaries.

  2. I can't speak to the details of the proposed budget. I, like too many of us, do not speak up when afforded the chances - and the chances were many! Bob Horan, is always available by phone by or by email (he has never failed to reply to my questions) and our BOE has never said "no comment."

    Budgets give me a headache! That may be part of the reason I leave it up to others...and I'm glad to.

    I'm interested to read more about this from other community members.

  3. The public does not get a chance to comment on the line by line budget. Not once was it said, "The administration will be receiving significant raises." The budget line remains reasonable and it is the line by line budget that is not available early.
    Agreed, Mr Horan always is available? So?
    Back to the budget, I can speak to the details. And the details are "cut education and give big raises. Those are the details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Our entire school funding system is broken in New York. When the state instituted the property tax as the mechanism to fund public schools, people who owned property were the people who were rich. That is no longer the case. It is time to being our school funding and administration into the 21st century.

    It is time for New York to patten its school funding/oversight like many other states do - at the larger the county level. In our case it would be difficult so we should reorganize according to the BOCES districts. Kick all the non-direct student services to the BOCES district eliminating hundreds of administrative and back office positions. Get rid of the duplications in grounds keeping, administration, pupil personnel services, testing, special ed, etc. Taxing on the BOCES district level will even out the disparity between one town and another and lower taxes.

    Keep the districts intact as far as the actual schools so they can retain their identity for sports, etc.

    As for voting down this year's school budget "in protest" - the only other time that happened in the last 20-25 years was when my position was eliminated four years ago. The BOE clearly didn't get the message that the people sent - they didn't re-visit their decision, they only cut the student program more.

    If you really want to change the direction of this district, people of differing views have got to get on the board in enough numbers that the rest have got to listen to them.

  5. Lets see $20,000,000.00 budget
    1000 kids(almost)
    $20,000.00 per kid
    I know , I made that too simple, it has got to be more complicated and confusing.Its not.
    $200,000.00,supers new benefits and extras
    Every teacher automatically gets a raise every year.
    7% raise for principals...
    never do we hear the teachers and employees will not be getting raises this year as the rest of the world hears,we only hear cut the programs
    Remember ,,,its all about the kids, according to them.
    vote NO..

  6. With all due respect - when any entity is budgeting, they must put in the "worst case scenario." The administrators are in negotiations for a new contract. I would think the 7% raise is the "worst case" but I would bet they get no raise, just the like teachers.

    You can't just look at numbers and "do the math" without understanding the underlying issues - like contract negotiations. The BOE can't plug in the real number because that will tip their hand.

    You also can't divide the over-all budget by the number of students for the per-pupil rate - that includes capital funds and other expenditures not related to direct teaching.

    I am sure if you want to understand more about school finance someone would be happy to explain it to you. But you would have to stop being "anonymous" and actually get involved.


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