June 20, 2012

Local is good

Averill Park Community Market

Sand Lake School
The Dates for the 2012 Markets are July 14th and 28th, August 11th and 25th, September 8th and 22nd, Oct 13th and 27th.

Why Shop Locally?

From a shop local website - For every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¢ is reinvested locally. Non-local purchases keep, at most, 15¢ in your local community. In addition to the money, local businesses value, respect and appreciate your patronage and more tax dollars go to schools and roads in your community.

I am currently the secretary of the Sand Lake Business Association – local business is very important to me. As a small business owner who works with and for small business owners I need local businesses to stay around, financially and morally.

Market Rules

Our market is different from a traditional farmer’s market as it will also showcase locally-owned and home-based businesses. I really want this to be a way for us to remember to shop local and keep the money within our community to help our neighbors. In general, the items sold need to be made by, grown by, or otherwise brought to market by the people selling them. There will be no wholesale or used goods for sale. I will be limiting the amount of direct marketing companies (MLM) so that we are not overwhelmed with them.

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