February 1, 2014

Impaired driving crackdown planned for Super Bowl weekend

Created: 01/30/2014 3:58 PM WNYT.com
By: Ben Gorenstein
State Police say they plan to crack down on impaired driving this Super Bowl weekend. That includes people who text along with those who drink.
It's part of a statewide Stop DWI initiative, which is set to take place from Friday to Monday.
The State Police plan to partner with county sheriff's departments and local law enforcement to find impaired drivers.

The effort comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed tougher texting and drinking while driving laws in the state. Among them – a law that suspends licenses for five years after two DWI convictions, and revokes licenses for life after three convictions. Another new law would suspend the license for a full year, of anyone under 21 who texts and drives.

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