February 12, 2015

Bob Simon, an award-winning CBS News correspondent whose career spanned nearly 50 years and many major international conflicts, was killed in a car crash in Manhattan on Wednesday. He was 73.
Mr. Simon, who was in his 19th season as a correspondent for “60 Minutes,” won dozens of honors, including 27 Emmy Awards and four Peabody Awards, in a career that dated to the 1960s. He covered many significant news events during the course of that career and, as a war correspondent, was captured by Iraqi forces near the Saudi-Kuwait border during the opening days of the Persian Gulf war in January 1991.

He wrote about that experience in his 1992 memoir,  The title referred to the length of his captivity.  Read more from the NYTimes

CBS News @CBSNews

Legendary @60Minutes and @CBSNewscorrespondent Bob Simon has died:cbsn.ws/1zNr8Fn

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I guess this is who Brian Williams wanted to be.

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  1. That's sad to hear. He was seen on UK TV programmes referring to American news.


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