February 18, 2016

Fire quickly destroys Castleton home

WNYT Staff Updated: 02/18/2016 5:15 PM Created: 02/18/2016 2:14 PM

CASTLETON - There is nothing left of the two story home that once stood at the corner of Green Avenue and First Street. The Fire Chief says that the one person who was inside the house when the flames began, got out safely.
Abigail Bleck

"Once it gets going, and during the day there's not a lot of fire fighters around to do the work, it can spread pretty quickly," explains Castleton Chief Brian Schanck.
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Castleton Fire Department is an all volunteer fire department. Castleton Fire Department is always looking for Volunteers to help in the protection of life and property in the town of Castleton. We have a junior fire fighter program that starts at the age of 16.

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