February 18, 2016


Call to action
Volunteers needed: Schodack joint forum/ town board 
Lisa Zimmerman

1. We had an organizational meeting to plan for a Schodack joint forum/ town board meeting to address the recent 9 proposed new locations for a compressor station in Rensselaer county. These include one off Rte 9 near Maple Hill Road, five between Burden lake road and Hoag's Corners roads and 3 near pike's pond - rte 43 and 66 locations. The meeting was attended by 26 people including 1 Schodack town board member, Tracy Rex.
2. As per Ken Stokem, he and Dan Spillman recently were approached by several board members to host a meeting outside the usual schodack town office building on Schuurman road. It was to determine the Schodack board's role with Kinder Morgan and have an open discussion with town residents. At this time, the town board members have heard no more than what the average citizen of our town has heard about the KM/ NED project.
3. We ask that the town board members get more involved with the concerns of the citizens over this project. At first, the idea was to have an open session with the town organizing the event.
4. Now, town board members feel that there needs to be an informational group such as SNYFGP there to educate the public. We were also to play a part in the organizational part of this meeting.
5. Several meeting participants tonight expressed concern that the town would not be at the forefront of this meeting, decreasing the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the meeting. They felt the town board involvement would give us the credibility we need to convince more people the urgent need to oppose the NED as well as provide avenues to oppose the pipeline. SNYFGP would be available to answer more technical questions the board did not know and help organize a large event.
6. Sally Catlett and Sally Sober had several dates lined up with MHHS- Maple Hill High School that were taken. They have 5 other dates, but we should avoid conflict with town board meetings the first and third Thursdays of the month. The potential dates were narrowed to 3/22 and 3/23/16 in the evening at MHHS.
7. Tracy Rex agreed to talk with the other board members to get their input on what the town could offer to oppose the pipeline. Ken Stokem will talk with Tracy Rex, Jim Bult and Scott Swartz by Thursday to see what dates they feel are best and to see if the town can help to organize, advertise and participate in this meeting. We ask the town board to help with advertising, defray some of the meeting costs and to hear public comments and concerns about the project.
8. We will be looking for volunteers to help canvass, help with advertising and set up and organize this meeting in the next several weeks.
9. Next SNYFGP meeting is at the senior center off rte 150 on 3/1/16 at 7PM.

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