September 30, 2011

Got Plans?

Plenty To Do in and Around Schodack!

    District to Hold Bus Rollover Drill on Saturday, October 1

    Schodack CSD and local fire, police and emergency services will hold a bus rollover drill on Saturday, October 1 at the bus garage. We want to let our community know about this drill in advance so they are not concerned if they see emergency vehicles respond to the scene. The drill will involve an old school bus (that no longer runs and is used solely for parts) put on its side beforehand and school staff and students pretending like they were in a rollover accident. Local fire, police, emergency services and school officials will respond as if it was a real accident. Other school districts and emergency responders in the region have also been invited to attend the drill. "We want to be proactive," said Superintendent Robert Horan. "Hopefully something like this will never happen. But by simulating this, we'll all be better prepared to respond in case it ever did." Posted 9/28/11.

    Bus Roll Over Drill photos on right sidebar!

    September 26, 2011

    Dr. Jekyell or Mr. Hyde: Your Teen, Tween & Everything in Between

    Monday, September 26 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

    Maple Hill Middle School Library

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    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Your Teen, Tween & Everything In Between

    Please join us for a discussion with local therapist, Barbara Wood, A.C.S.W, about positive communication and setting healthy boundaries with our tweens/teens. Lots of tips and strategies will be discussed! Submit question before my emailing them to

    Light Refreshments and childcare provided.

    September 25, 2011

    News in a Nutshell


    September 24, 2011
    Headlines that caught my eye

    Facebook Charging In 2011:Chain Letter Spreads False Rumor

    The chain letter claiming Facebook will begin charging this year alleges that the site must charge its users a fee to pay for the new profile design.

    Satellite likely in ocean, but may have hit US

    NASA space junk scientists believe that all — or nearly all — of the parts of their 20-year-old dead satellite safely plunged into the Pacific Ocean, likely missing land.

    NASA urges anyone who thinks they've found satellite debris to call police. It's government property and illegal to keep it or try to sell it. The debris has no toxic contamination, but there could be sharp edges, NASA officials have said.

    Flood-ravaged Schoharie village had Top 10 reasonons to love Letterman for support

    Letterman is expected to reminisce about Schoharie's lighthearted 2002 visit en masse to the Ed Sullivan Theater and to encourage contributions to the Schoharie Recovery Fund, a tax-exempt 501c3 organization that village officials set up this week.

    The stunt of bringing the village for a taping grew out of a "Late Show" segment on "Biff Henderson's America" that chose Schoharie at random as a typical rural upstate village.

    Notary commission at risk

    East Greenbush - The state Department of State is seeking to strip a town councilman of his notary commission over allegations that he notarized petition signatures of voters who never appeared before him.

    September 23, 2011

    A teenage girl's dream...

    Feature film holds casting call in Schenectady

    SCHENECTADY - A teenage girl here in the Capital Region, could get her big break this weekend.

    A new feature film called, “How I Live Now,” is in the works and they need someone for the lead role. They're looking for a Caucasian girl, age 14 to 19 and no acting experience is necessary.

    The casting call is on Sunday between 12 and 2 p.m. at 1473 Erie Boulevard in Schenectady.
    The film will be shot next spring and summer, possibly in London.

    September 21, 2011

    Friends receive Walmart Community Grant

    The Friends of the Castleton Public Library were awarded a Walmart Community Grant. This Grant allowed the Friends to purchase a family membership pass to the Hancock Shaker Village, purchase movies and snacks for a Family Movie Night program and helped support the Castleton Public Library’s summer reading program. 

    A large thank you to Walmart for financially supporting our efforts!
    Read the September Newsletter.

    September 20, 2011