February 17, 2012

Make some plans!

Check out What To Do!

Pizza Night @ Schodack Valley Tonight
Breakfast at Castleton Firehouse
Turkey Dinner at St. Davids and don't forget...
Fish Fry @South Schodack Fire Company

The South Schodack Fire Company will again offer Fish Fry dinners on Friday evenings from 5:15 to 7PM, at 1563 Bame Road in Castleton during Lent. Dinners will begin on Friday, February 24th. Dinners will be $8.50. Hot dogs, chicken and clam chowder will also be served. Eat-in or Take-out. Phone 732-2082.

The crew has the system down pat and serves hundreds of Fish Fry Dinners every week. 732-2082.
It's all good!

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